South African Demolition Projects

Some of the projects we have successfully completed in and around South Africa.

Eastrand Mall

Demolition of various buildings and structures. Demolition and removal of precast suspended concrete slabs. Removal of structural steel. Cutting, coring and drilling of concrete structures for removal and demolition thereof. Dismantling of steel structures for re-use.

Heritage Demo

This is what a 80 year old + heritage wall looks like once we have cut and demolished the rest of the building. The building itself was 1600m2 per level.

Vall Mall Demolition

Demolish/dismantle various buildings complete. Saw cut cantilever slabs and remove from entrance structures.

Hammanskraal Demolition

Hammanskraal Demolition of water chamber and related works.

Comaro Demolition

Working between the public in Johannesburg.

Dem-Quip Demolition

We provide our clients in the construction field with equipment and qualified operators that will contribute to maximizing their competitive advantage.

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