The DXR 300 is widely thought of as the most powerful demolition robot, capable of a high workload, with a smaller footprint, no emissions and unrivalled versatility the DXR 300 could be considered tone of the best demolition robots available.

  • Robotic demolition provides unparalleled operator safety because the machine is controlled remotely.
  • Robotic demolition increases efficiency and productivity, especially in confined spaces or restricted areas where the operator might be exposed to danger.
  • With electric robotic demolition air quality is never affected because there’s no emission of harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Robotic machines can accommodate a wide variety of attachments from breakers, digging buckets to drills, crunchers and concrete cutters.
  • Dem-Quip run Husqvarna DXR 300 demolition robots with breaker and cruncher for pulverising.


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